Monday, June 27, 2011

Another week is over...

E assim terminam as férias, sem tempo para nada (blog incluído), mas com algumas coisas tratadas (uff!). Aqui fica um resumo da minha semana, em fotos: o estrado do jardim está pintado de branco, tal como há muito tempo queria (não ficou exactamente como eu gostaria, mas isso arranja-se noutra altura) e a sala continua em renovações - vai entrar um aparador novo, muito giro (eu depois mostro fotos). Ultimamente, apetece-me o cor-de-rosa na decoração, por isso tenho incorporado alguns elementos cá em casa - e quero uma toalha-de-mesa rosa claro com bolas brancas! :).

Comprei uma pechincha na Casa - aquele pratinho e taça turquesas (as flores também são de lá) - adoro o padrão e a cor (e o preço, já agora! ;)).

Em baixo mostro-vos também algumas fotos do lanche que preparamos hoje para as amigas que a Carlota convidou para passarem a tarde cá em casa....

No meio deste calor, estas foram algumas das coisas que fiz durante as mini-férias. E a vossa semana, como foi? Sol, praia e mar? 

And my small vacations are over, with hardly any time to do most of the things I wished (blog included), but with some issues finally solved (uff!). Here's a little resume of my week in photos: we had the back porch floor painted in white, something that I've been wanting for a long time. It's not perfect, but I'll have it done one of these days. I'm still renovating the living-room - we bought a new beautiful console, I'll show you some pictures as soon as it arrives. Lately I love pink details in decor, so I've been incorporating some in our home. Right now, I'm obsessing with Cath Kidston pink polka dot tablecloth, I have to have one! :)

I bought the turquoise dish and bowl in a very cheap store here at Porto, I really like the pattern and color! The silk lilac flowers were bought in the same store. 

I am also showing you some photos of the little luncheon we did for Carlota's friends - she invited them over to play with her in the garden, the weather's been so hot around here, so we assembled the plastic swimming-pool and they really had a great time together!

Well, this was my week - time runs so fast, I can't believe I'm back to work tomorrow!... What about your week? What did you do?


Karen said...

Hi Susana~ Your photos are so beautiful. The colors are incredible.
Love them!

Hearthandmade said...

Such pretty pictures! Ur little one is very cute. I had a quiet weekend crocheting ^_^

deepazartz said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures... refreshing esp in this hot summer.(I stay in dubai & its croaching HOT here!!!) Love the white flower vase with the lace-like edges, the pink flowered cushions...everything seems so perfect:)
Good Day!

Peony and Thistle said...

LOVE your blog altogether! I particularly love that beautiful turquoise dish and bowl. So pretty!